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    Diving in Bol - Croatia - services

    Here is detailed description of diving services we offer in Bol in cooperation with our partner diving center:

    Diving excursions

    Diving in one of the caves near Bol - Croatia  
    Half day diving excursions to one of attractive diving localities:
    start is at 9 am in diving center with preparation for diving until 10 am. We reach diving location at 10:30, and start diving.
    Excursion ends up in Bol at 13:00.

    Afternoon excursions starts at 14:30 with return to Bol at 17:00.

    Diving excursions price list:
    Prices are in EUR

    half day diving excursion: 23* 31**
    night diving 27* 33**

    * price include weight belt and filled tank from diving center
    ** price include complete equipment from diving center

    Diving education offer in Bol - Croatia

      Children diving education in Bol, Croatia
    We are weary proud to offer you complete education program.
    From beginners up to professional instructor level, we have 10 years of experience in education with all world class associations - PADI, SSI, CMAS, UDI.
    Also we have complete equipment for children education.

    Scuba Schools International United Diving Instructors Confederation Mondiale des Activites SubaquatiquesConfederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques
    DISCOVERY SCUBA COURSE: 35 EUR - this is short course for people
    who want just to try diving experience, course haw 1 hour of theoretical introduction and 1 hour of diving with instructor on max. 5m depth.
    OPEN WATER DIVER: 290 EUR - beginners course
    Course is 6 days long, in that time you will make 6 dives and you will pass some exercise in first
    4 dives, last two dives you ere making from the bout like end of your course, during this 6 days also you have theoretical part of education, in the price is included all necessary material for course book, video teaching,and finally your diploma and international licence
    ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER: 300 EUR - advanced course
    Course is 6 days long, the terms for course are open water diver level and 24 authorized dives, all material is included in price.
    This course is for advanced divers who wan learn more about stress and problematic situation and learn how to make rescue, course is 4 days long.

    This course is one step before professional instructor level, after this course you are experienced and responsible diver ready for all diving situation, and you are able to lead other divers during the diving, course is 8 days
    terms: stress&rescue diver and 50 authorized dives.


    Special offer - courses for divers who want more


    INSTRUCTORS COURSE: as agreed upon


    - discovery: 66 EUR
    2 hours theoretical and pracitical diving

    - full course (4 days) 480 EUR


    Bol - Croatia diving information